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The Jungle Blues
Sad to see the fate of the homeless in the heart of one of the wealthiest metropolitan areas on earth. This is Silicon Valley's dark side
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Dave Stahl
copyright 2015
January 24, 2015
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Story behind the song
This was begun in 2008 when my neighbors were losing jobs, homes, and all the things that get lost along the way, it has stuck with me but I never completed it until the largest homeless encampment in the USA, "The Jungle," was raided and shut down by the city of San Jose
The Jungle Blues The neighbors packed up and moved out of the jungle last night. Police came the next day and sealed the old place up tight, Searching for shelter and beggin’ for eats, Grateful if they even had shoes on their feet, 300 people left out on the street, Now it’s all gone away, all gone away. The billionaire bankers took the money and left us with none, They outsourced our jobs, took our homes, and they said you’re the bums. People get angry when there’s not enough bread, “Let them eat cake,” Marie Antionette said. Ain’t it a shame that poor girl lost her head, It’s rollin’ along, all gone away. Just as empires rise, empires crumble and fall. When the foundation gets weak, then you get cracks in the walls. If you listen closely you’ll hear a rumbling sound, Of people, forgotten far below on the ground. Who will be ready when the whole thing comes down? When it all goes away, all goes away.