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This is track 5 from our debut album, Hope & Truth & Dare. Celtic influences shine.
Country - Americana
Charts #143 in subgenre today (peak #10)
Previous peak charts position #376
Russell James Hosley
Russell James Hosley & Two Crows Joy 2014
January 11, 2015
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3:47 minutes
Story behind the song
This is the first song Russ wrote on the mandolin. Jane added two fiddle tracks and the bodhran. It's one of the most popular tracks on their debut album.
I left the tavern late that night too many ales, too many fights I took the path by the river's edge and I saw her there by the brambled hedge and she cried... eerily She was kneeling there by the bitter stream when I heard a gasp, I heard a scream I stumbled forth whence came the sound and the light went out as I hit the ground and I fell... into a dream I soon awoke to a wicked laugh and I prayed I had not breathed my last I glanced around, the lass was gone and in her place a peculiar song and it rang ... eerily I wandered out of the gloaming wood and there the red-haired beauty stood she beckoned me with her steely eyes and I followed 'fore I realized that she gleamed ... eerily Twas at that moment I awoke the misty morn, the dawn had broke and staring down was the red-haired girl the bar wench there at the Black Heart Pearl and she smiled ... eerily