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01 Halleys Comet Theme Music
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The Australian Theme used by radio and TV for Halleys Comet !985/86
Classical - Symphonic
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Pendragon Music
January 10, 2015
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Story behind the song
In 1985 I wrote a song for the Halleys Comet commemorative album called 'Comet of Love'. The project was aimed at attempting to quash the pervading gloom associated with comets and some predictions that had been bandied around about doom gloom and disaster. The original song was sung by Ronnie Charles of The Groop and appeared on Countdown in early !986. In late '85 I got together with Rick Formosa of Little River Band fame and we created and arranged a 42 piece orchestral version of the songs basic melody. Rick did the writing of the instrument parts and I did a lot of humming! It was later recorded at Metropolis Studio in Melbourne with 42 members of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Rick conducting. I produced the piece with Ross Cockle engineering and the great sound engineer of that era John French engineering the final record cut. David Hirschfelder from John Farnham Band added Fairlight choral parts to the final cut. This was my only experience of having a song I was a part of recorded with an orchestra. I only very recently found it on a single at the National Archives and then online in a old record shop in Melbourne! This is transferred from the vinyl disk. I hope it brings you joy, it certainly was the point in my career when I realised I could do this stuff.
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