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The Basement feat. DZK (early demo- scrapped)
An early version of the song "The Basement" off The Lone Wolf album. This demo features a hook from Brok_Homz, and a completely different verse from Brok_Homz. The Madchild verse is missing. DZK's verse is edited a little differently. ENJOY!
HipHop - Hardcore Rap
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Wade Friesen, Andrew Jackson
Farmboy Records 2010
January 03, 2015
1 version uploaded:
MP3 4.0 MB  •  160 kbps bitrate  •  3:29 minutes
Story behind the song
A collaboration that featured DZK and Madchild of Swollen Members. This was one of my earlier verses (I made about 3 different ones + minor variations). This version was made before I got Madchild's verse. This is just a sneak peek look into the project :) Rob Tha Viking made the beat.
This the end (of all my life's problems) Let's not be friends (we got nothing in common) You love the drama (and I hate it) That's way I refuse to leave my basement