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The Effect
Matthew Scott - Synths, samples, swirly things, music (bridge); John Pfeifer - Piano ("Rhodesified" by Matt), vocal, guitar, music (verses), lyrics, bad Ray Milland impression
Single - $0.75
Electronic - Trip Hop
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John Pfeifer / Matthew Scott
John Pfeifer / Matthew Scott
January 01, 2015
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160 kbps bitrate
5:51 minutes
You seem to be beside yourself. What have I done to warrant this glare? It seems to me you delude yourself. What you see is simply the effect of the local night air. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I must be going. Somehow I get this feeling that you'll somehow cramp my style. I claim to be, in and of myself, the defining zenith of Everyman. I seem to be beside myself, Trying to keep real contact minimized. I'm sorry...
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