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One More Time_mp3
How often do we need forgiveness? In my case, everyday.
Country - Christian Country
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Duane Rod
December 30, 2014
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Story behind the song
A song about the life of an ordinary man and the struggles faced each and every day. The need for cleansing and forgiveness is always there and it can be found in one place alone... at the foot of the cross. There is everyday renewal in Jesus.
ONE MORE TIME Sun up to sun down, another long day Week by week, just making my way One by one the years are taking their toll Making this body feeble and old Letting the world get the best of me Smiling all the while, so they can’t see Fighting the good fight with all I am Battered and bruised, I get up again When the load seems a little too much And I get weak, and angry and such I hit my knees and look up and say Lord I fell a little short today CHORUS One more time Lord I’m here on my knees One more time can You help me please Can You dip me in the river of forgiving grace And give me the strength to finish this race When the sun sets on my last day I’m gonna lift my eyes to Him and say It’s my last mile and I’m weak you see One more time, can you carry me