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Obesify Cerebrum
Beat by https://soundcloud.com/whynot-10
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HipHop - Alternative Hip Hop
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Dr. Betarock (Frank Whitt)
December 19, 2014
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When I was another man understand upper hand wasn’t planned rubber band others can’t uncover sand slipped to fit through hour glass shipped and ripped devour task clueless to this sour patch now we’re stacked showers last cowards blast they can’t buck run amok one it up sun is touched burnin earnin suck it up churnin turnin tough with luck what the fuck you doin? zoomin tune into the boomin sound grew to view a shoe in now shootin down the losin crown just to see the soothing frown form the fallen pompous all in on this haulin conscious stallin nonsense pouring of variety not for the notoriety I am he the nth degree sent to be a centerpiece a centipede endlessly breakin legs while crankin speeds takin seeds and plantin streamin like a salmon makin wakes and needed anthems shakin breeded madmen not taking speech for ransom wakin for advancement enhancement of the medium not dancin for a speedy sum read me some axioms obeseify cer-e-brum tedium - not an option till we sleep up in our coffins I’ll be speakin to the common people equal we are walkin squawkin often like a seagull evil stoppin weasel poppin easel daubin beatle rockin on the eve of each concoction stockin contemplation calm on way in to the vacant mind erasin time is payment find adjacent lines creatin made in mental maturation patient for remuneration tastin concentration lying for my prey in waiting baiting drop sought it out opt in to the odd amounts Caught in spots common knots Never even thought about bombin now and floatin open ocean rope the dope in quotin those who stoke comotion with their spoken flow exposin frozen when we need to be bleed degrees of weeded deeds completed these intriguingly feed on insight eagerly like eateries we bring the bacon things we’re making fling the fakin out the kitchen sound collision that’s how we have found our vision