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Sometimes It's Wonderful (Solo)
#1 in SoundClick.com's Alternative Emo, #2 on Jazz Vocals & #2 on Acoustic Vocals . Melodic pre-quil to massive upcoming 12/14 Latin bullet. Smooth as a babies hindquarter with none of the mess.
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Jazz - Jazz Vocals
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Dave Van Wormer
November 29, 2014
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Story behind the song
Sometimes you must make gay music - to appreciate the rest.
Verse 1: When your times spent on tomorrow; you may miss that unopened door. To learn to let go; can help you to know so much more. Chasing the things that you wanted; feels like the right thing to do. To shorten your list; means more than you ever knew. Chorus 1: And sometimes it's wonderful, to live in this way. And sometimes it's magical to live in today. Verse 2: Spending much time in the anger; because you've been wronged by someone. A quick way to pave, your way to the grave with no fun. Time it has more worth than money; because all your money can't buy, just one ounce of time with your last dime if you try. Chorus 2: And sometimes it's wonderful; to let it go by. Without even planning all, just give it a try.