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Study in Grey (Live at Millikin University, 1989)
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Darrell Taylor - drums Kirk Hanser - vocal Joel Edwards - bass Matthew Scott - keyboards John Pfeifer - nylon string guitar, words & music Jenee Marino - sound engineer
Latin - Flamenco
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John Pfeifer
John Pfeifer
October 24, 2014
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Story behind the song
Performed as part of our fulfillments for our degrees. Lovely vocal by Kirk, amazing bass by Joel, and as always, the best drumming in the world by our dear departed friend Darrell Taylor, to whom this is dedicated. A tremendous talent taken from us far, far too soon. "Bomber" lives on in all our hearts and memories.
She may have tipped her hat more than once. She may have thrown a wave on some chrome-skied afternoon. She may have let a smile slip when I kissed her hand. She may be wondering where I choose to be. I've seen us slowly wax/quickly wane. There's no more cause for the seasons not to change. She may have tipped a wink more than once. She may have thrown a glance on some amber afternoon. And as we meet from different sides of the door, the grey curtain of rain frames her hair in mist. She gazes at me from the depths of her cloudy eyes; the smoky blue silently working its spell...
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