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Saturday Morning Girl
Alternative - Dance-Punk
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Ariel Atchley
October 17, 2014
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3:54 minutes
Saturday Morning Girl In My Bed Take The Pillow From Your Head And Tell Me Why This Don't Feel Right And Where You Were On Friday Night Saturday Morning Girl In My Soul Know You Left A Gaping Hole In My Heart In Your Place I Will Fit A Brand New Face Will It End This All Probably Not I Hear Your Voice I Hear It Calling Out From Somewhere Hollow I Can't Follow You And I Can't Play Coy Even If I Could I Would Not Want To Go Oh No I Would Never Go Oh No Not Anywhere At Least Not Anywhere With You You've Made This Choice You Envision Coming Back Thinking That Things Will Be The Same That I'd Forget The Pain Well You've Got Me Poised On Never Fulfilling That Wish You're The One Who Should Feel Ashamed I Shouldn't Feel This Way Ashamed When I'm Not The One To Blame So Go Nothing Here To Hold You Back I Know That You Can't Feel A You Can't Feel A Thing I Hear Your Voice I Hear It Calling Out Trying To Apologize I Say Hell No Return To Rib And Then Man To Dirt So That No One Will Ever Create Her