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Is This What Faith Got Me?
Single - $1.00
A driving rock saga of a life changing event and the faith and determination to overcome!
Rock - Christian Rock
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June 29, 2020
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Is This What Faith Got Me? (Verse 1) I had it all man, a great family and friends, and I thanked God for every day We had a blast as the years went past, man I thought I’d found the way Then in a flash, my world went crash and I was struck down to the floor. Unable to move, I died that day, and I’m left questioning what it’s for. (Chorus) Is this what faith got me? Now how can I believe? Just how can this be true, what I’m going through? So why did I survive? And why am I still alive? Is this what faith got me? What’s my destiny? (Verse 2) I’m a shell of the man that I once was, I’m crippled and forlorn But I’ll focus on the things I still can do and never curse the day I was born You know you can’t move forward if you keep looking back so every day I’ll to get by But at times it’s so hard just to get out of bed and sometimes I still ask why? (Chorus) (Bridge) It wasn’t faith, I’ve come to know, but it was fate, that dealt this blow I wonder if, my mission’s done, but still I’m alive, there’s more to come. (Instrumental Chorus) (Verse 3) (Verse 3) So I vowed to my wife that within a year, together we’d dance again Though it made no sense to make that claim, only faith could make me believe. And struggled and strained, and I kept my word. My triumph was great then! But faith worn down by time and pain meant battling my doubts again. (2 x Chorus, Ending)