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DONE IS DONE-Song Demo-JULY 2014
pop/dance song
Pop - Pop General
Previous peak charts position #144
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #57
M. Spence & K. Davis
2014 Stat Songs Publishing & KaadPro (ASCAP)
September 23, 2014
MP3 3.7 MB
128 kbps bitrate
4:00 minutes
DONE IS DONE (M. Spence/K. Davis) You bored me out and stressed me out Until there's nothing left You bummed me out then you're running around Now it's time to confess BRIDGE This is over our course has run It's been giggles and some fun But I'm not going back there no more Stick a fork in me I'm done CHORUS WHAT'S DONE IS DONE THERE AIN'T NO MORE DON'T WASTE MY TIME JUST SHOW ME TO THE DOOR I'm heading up straight for the sun And leave you behind I've only begun Well so long I'm all over you This battle's been won and you are through Copyright © 2014, 2013 Stat Songs Publishing (ASCAP) & KaadPro (ASCAP)
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