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On My Grind (Prod By D-Musik) **TRAP BANGER** #Rap
Basic Mp3 Lease $49.95// Wave Lease $89.99// Track-Out Lease $100 Contact: Dmusikproductionz@gmail.com
Single - $2.00
Instrumentals - Gangsta
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#gangster #trap #hiphop #rap #freestyle
D Musik Productionz
September 18, 2014
MP3 3.6 MB
160 kbps bitrate
3:07 minutes
Story behind the song
One of my specials!!!!! My first beat mixed and mastered in a real local studio with my teacher/producer Jeff. My knowledge, My time, My motivational and dedication along WITH CONFIDENCE!!! was all in the right state OF MIND FROM here. There were many during the process who will always put your hard work down, When really ALL THAT MATTERS IS AS LONG AS YOU DO WHAT YOU LOVE THE MOST IT WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN. Not ashamed but take it from a guy who barely had rhythm at one point, to having one of the hottest bangers in the top 100s JUDGED FROM 2Million tracks. I'm signing out for what it is I'm proud, And remember nothing feels more special then showing someone YOU CAN , when THEY SAID YOU COULDENT OR NEVER DID.
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