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We Fell In Love ( Many Years Ago )
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Mary Helen Mares - J. Roel Lungay
September 09, 2014
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Words by Mary Helen Mares Music by J. Roel Lungay Performed by Steve Thomas Piano by Catherine Styron-Marx Mastered by Roy Tutor 1 I looked her in the eyes many years ago Took a deep breath to help me say hello She was such a beauty and new to town I said I'd be happy to show her all around. 2 I took her to my world few had ever known Said a prayer to God she'd feel right at home There's never been another since the day I saw her face No one could compare to her beauty, charm and grace. Refrain: We fell in love, we said, "I do." But little did we know she would end What I started many years ago. 3 Time changes all of us but it took me by surprise To see one day a change of heart showing in her eyes Maybe too much happened during all the years Or maybe not enough brought about her tears. (Repeat Refrain) Bridge: Now it's many years later And as she looks me in the eye She takes a deep breath To help her say goodbye. (Ad lib) (Repeat Refrain except last line) (Repeat Refrain) Coda: What I started many years ago! Copyright © 1995 Mares Music | Fro's Music International Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved
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