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J. Roel Lungay
September 09, 2014
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(Tribute to Hilario & Carmen Lungay Clan of Catigbian, Bohol) Words and music by J. Roel Lungay Performed by Steve Thomas Guitars by Steve Thomas Piano by Catherine Styron-Marx Mastered by Roy Tutor 1 Listen to me I've got a song for you This about our family altogether. 2 We have Lolo Ayong, We have Lola Mameng And one little boy, His name is Audie. 3 We go to Eddie and Luz, Elbong and Neil, Alvin and Jason. 4 We have Nick and Nene, Hermes and Naomi And Brydon... We have Nelia, Gene, Mitzie and Lokoy, Raul and Mian. 5 We have Ando and Lydia, Reuben and Nene, Dan and Yul, Arlene... Alan... Alger Arthur and Lilian. 6 Then we go to Pito, Mely, Joelle, Ancy, Carol and Ipay; Kokoy, Marvin, Ira and Jennifer, Michael and Roel. 7 Let's go to Frank and Chita in America. They have Frankie, Joy, Bebe and Liza. They're far away, oh. If I have my wings I'll fly away And sing to them this song. 8 Let's go to Lino. Let's go to Vita. Leah, Levy, Linlin And the twins, Lou and Leo; Junior Lino, Vito and Limuel, Lezlie and Leizl. (Interlude) 9 The we go to Valenzuela (Bulacan) There is Dodoy and Estella; Rouselle, Luchi and Rowena. 10 Then we go to Tiyo Boy, Auntie Fe and Abegail; And Rochelle. 11 We have Uncle Arn. We have Auntie Beth And children, Ethel... And Donabel. 12 These are all in the family Of Ayong, Mameng, Children And grandchilden. Coda: Bye, bye now. Bye---- bye now! Copyright © 1980 Fro's Music. International Copyright Secured All rights reserved
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