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Loving Man (Red Mix)
4/4 95bpm Emin Track Credits-- Dustin Beyette: Violin, Vocals, Backup Vocals, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Programming
Alternative - Experimental
Previous peak charts position #1,886
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #271
Dustin Beyette
2014 Dustin Beyette (BMI)
September 09, 2014
MP3 2.5 MB
160 kbps bitrate
2:09 minutes
Loving Man (Red Mix) 4/4 95bpm Emin (Chorus:) i used to give so much for free before you saw so much in me you've made such a loving man change everything you can i hate looking down at the ground as i walk i used to look around, and simply found ways to talk but the people below me, sliced me at the knees severed me right at the kn.. ...now i walk on two thighs on the ground what a great bunch of guys that i found few remember how i did before you did this few consider who i was before you pulled this before you look in my eyes and see a fight let me tell you i want people to have a good night people in my past did things that weren't right to me they had my trust, my openness and they still judged me (Chorus x2) (Guitar Solo)