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Last Resort (Alice In Chains Inspired)
A Heavy Metal Musician who was born blind, and was once lost in the fires of hell, He called out to God to save him, He knows the lord Jesus Christ is ever Forgiving.
Rock - Goth Rock
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Craig A. Russell
Craig A. Russell
June 05, 2004
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3:22 minutes
Story behind the song
This song is written out as a song for Christian Rock, and maybe let them know the inner message that the Lord is ever Forgiving! Even though the earth takes a toll on this missionaries flesh, And he is bound to this earth until God takes him, He stands tall at the tip of a mountain, surrounded by nothing but the Darkest of Darkness, like a warrior for Christ, and proud with his head high, Thrashing his guitar for God, as he wails the vocals to this song into the hurricane winds he faces, his hair is blowing in the wind, and Demons from hell fly by his face, but even though the missionary may be blind, the evil demons dare not touch him because he is a missionary for Jesus Christ.
Locked the door on my hell My soul i would not sell, These shades i wear on my face hide me from my discrase-(Meaning the sadness of his eyes) This hair that grows on my head, Fell out with each worry i had,-(Meaning that the Earth and worry of life has taken a toll on the missionaries flesh, but he still stands strong as a Warrior for Christ at the top of the mountain! "Open this box, let me out my mouths sewn shut, i can't shout my last resort, so i pray out loud, I can't even help myself-(Meaning that the missionary calls out for Christ to save him from the world, And prays to him because he can no longer help himself, so he turns to Christ often when he cannot help himself out of the situation.)
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