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Open Your Eyes
Alternative Hip Hop song with a deep message. Eye Opening Music!
HipHop - Alternative Hip Hop
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Written by Jovanii Dream Nez, Music by A. Dion
Nu Vizhn Records 2014
September 03, 2014
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everybody wake up now open your eyes you gotta realize reality is falling skies join the revolution it's the awakening its a chance to build a better world for you and me all religions turn into prisons encapsulating your soul more than you know, it was their goal more than a few milennia ago and now that you know, oh no! has it's all been a show? are we just too stupid to know? could that have really been thier goal? i sit back and then reality sinks in and I think about searching again and again deep within beneath my skin trying to figure out what is original sin i don't know where all these lies end and i don't even know where the truth begins until I searched within my soul and what do you know i found the answers I've been searching for I'm running the show all along by the choices that i make and the things that i partake in i've opened up my eyes and I was sadly mistaken now I've awakened the spirit within me now I can truly see the reality so many claim to see but in reality they're just actors on this global stage and now I've turned that page no longer in a rage trapped within a spiritual cage I'm no longer reading the story I'm writing the story definition of life a fundamental category divisions are divided it's so easily cited we're so lost and so misguided when we all should be united now listen for a moment your pride is your opponent a war within yourself your ego is another component postponement to atonement evidence of our enrollment proponents of our foment even if you didn't know it now what can you say you have been living this way it's time to open up your eyes arise and realize surmise is a guise to take away your free will to question all these lies now how does it feel to know that everything you thought was real was just a spiel to make you kneel and then steal your innocent soul now that's the deal that they will never reveal a free will locked and sealed