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Without You (feat. Todd Orcutt)
"Without You" is the first song from the "Red " portion of "Growth " to be publicly released, while not being the first song on the album itself. It is a song similar in genre to Rock, Industrial, and heavily distorted Lounge music.
Single - $1.00
Alternative - Experimental
Previous peak charts position #306
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #54
Dustin Beyette, Todd Orcutt
Dustin Beyette & Todd Orcutt
September 02, 2014
MP3 2.6 MB
160 kbps bitrate
2:15 minutes
You know we'd still be together, if i didn't hate who i was when I was with you You know I can't stand the weather You know I can do much better without you without you without you oh, if you only knew what I do when I'm on my own a life of living is so much harder than a life of talking so much smarter and that's what i do without you without you without you WITHOUT YOU WITHOUT YOU WITHOUT YOU lots of friendships require that i close my eyes i gotta look the other way when i hear their lies without them without you without you (Guitar Solo)