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Baggage Claim
"Baggage Claim" is the first song from the "White " portion of "Growth " to be publicly released, while not being the first song on the album itself.
Single - $0.99
Alternative - Experimental
Previous peak charts position #219
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #34
Dustin Beyette
Dustin Beyette (BMI)
August 27, 2014
MP3 3.8 MB
160 kbps bitrate
3:19 minutes
Story behind the song
"Baggage Claim" is 4/4 101bpm in the key of F major. The song was written in a hotel room in Glendale, California during the first week of Dustin's emigration to Los Angeles from his homestate of Maine. It is designed to sound like 80's new wave music if it were released in the 21st century. The lyrics mention not being in a glass house which is internally mental as well as physical because in the hotel room, Dustin had not yet narrowed down where in Los Angeles he'd be moving to yet and was still looking and researching while staying in a Hotel Room, it also applied to the idea that even living in a house, he was still a vulnerable person with debts of excess baggage and unattended problems.
I got a lot of baggage because i'm always moving away i like to bring it all with me so i carry it every day i got a lot baggage wherever i may roam i got a lot of good stuff i just haven't found a home (Chorus:) as i stand here in this glass house i forget it isn't real man i could just build my own house if i could change how i feel i got a lot of baggage i got a lot of dreams there's a lot of love inside me but to you that's not the way it seems i got a lot of baggage i lean on many an excuse i gotta find a home to stay maybe you'll see my use (Chorus) i got a lot of baggage it came right off the plane safe in the air, safe in his car as my buddy zooms through lanes i got a lot of baggage on it's tags it has my name i got a lot of baggage maybe i'm ready to... (Chorus) I got a lot of baggage i can't carry it all by myself it's a big problem but with you it must seem small i got a lot of baggage on it's tags it has my name I got a lot of baggage maybe I'm ready to claim