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Endings 2014
Space rock piece in the style of Pink Floyd, with long instrumental intro
Rock - Progressive Rock
Charts #209 in subgenre today (peak #30)
Previous peak charts position #221
August 19, 2014
MP3 10.0 MB
112 kbps bitrate
12:30 minutes
Story behind the song
For all those who have lost someone dear, whether to this life or the next. The 2014 remake of a song written and originally recorded in November 2005. A lot of studio and gear upgrades, and growth as an artist have happened since. The original 2005 version can be heard at https://soundcloud.com/rwzblues/endings-original-version-2005. Kevin Brown: B3 organ, grand piano, creative input Kirk McFarlin: drums, creative input Laura Rhyne: female vocal fills Big thanks to Kevin, Kirk and Laura for their wonderful contributions to this song.