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Kidstuff - Over You (Acoustic Version)
Acoustic Version of our song Over You
Pop - Pop Rock
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Kidstuff Music
August 16, 2014
MP3 4.5 MB
160 kbps bitrate
3:56 minutes
Story behind the song
The song is about heart break.
Over You I start my day with prayers to have you back As you hide our memories away in the dark You know I am sorry but it's just too late You had enough when I realize my mistakes Oh God give me reason to live another year I can't go on without her here I did everything and tried my best But as it always I end up in mess Chorus: On day you need me back, I'm still yours Don't ask me how I've been, Cause I'm fine It's a lie, Watch me bleed, over you As you get, over me Six months from now I'll call you up on the phone Will you still be there or you already move on? If I'll have the chance to relive our life Will you join my hands and make it right? I feel so helpless and I cannot sleep All my nights I'll suffer for sure I will weep I never knew that a butterfly stings Just how can I fly with this broken wings? Repeat Chorus 2x