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Long live the memory of the Linoaks Motel on the corner of Lincoln and Oak! Reid sent his mother there once. It's a claim to fame!
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Blues - Straight Ahead Blues
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Kathy Moxham
2004 Kathy Moxham
January 29, 2006
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5:45 minutes
Story behind the song
Kathy Moxham - vocals; Doug Logan on guitar; Kelly Park on piano; Rocky Tatarelli - lead saxophone; Reid Whatley on drums; Svetozar "Buca" Necak on acoustic bass. Produced by Garth Webber. Recorded at Whip Records in Berkeley, CA by David Landon and Doug Logan. Mixed at Infinite Studios in Alameda, CA by Michael Denten. Mastered at Crown Harbor Studios in Alameda, CA by Doug Logan.
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