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Leaving Bayamo
A sort of "Sabrina" in reverse, set in Bayamo, Cuba
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Latin - Cuban
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Words: Joan Kennedy Music: Ron Tintner
2014, ASCAP
August 12, 2014
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3:43 minutes
Story behind the song
Written for the Summer 2014 Muse's Muse Collaboration Contest. Partial rules: "write a song about a trip to a foreign country. It could be a holiday, a business trip or any other reason you can think of, but someone has gone there and returned... and the music should be influenced by and evoke the music/lyric forms of the foreign country."
Leaving Bayamo Words: Joan Kennedy Music: Ron Tintner, ©2014 ASCAP Arrangement, performances & production: Ron Tintner, except Lead and Background vocals: Joan Kennedy & Ron Tintner V1 (He): Bayamo The same old rusty cars Horses still pull carts Dogs still run wild Are you Who I think you are I was a student from LA And you were just a child Nothing's changed but you, from what I see I hope you still remember me CHORUS: What am I thinking, what am I thinking? If you really knew me today We could be leaving Bayamo this evening And we both could fly away V2 (She): Bayamo We drive the same old cars We sing the revolution and we dance to the drum Are you Who I think you are I've prayed to leave these rocky shores 'Til my knees went numb Bayamo’s boring as a town can be I never thought that you'd remember me CHORUS BRIDGE: We could stand right here forever Strangers, wishing we were more But what if we could leave here together Older and braver than before Instrumental Interlude CHORUS X 2