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An Encounter In The Asteroid Belt (Instrumental)
A rock guitar instrumental. A 'homage' to probably my all time favourite band . . .Be Bop Deluxe. I've really gone back to my Rock Roots with this one. What fun I had :)
Rock - Progressive Rock
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David A Briggs
David A Briggs
August 11, 2014
MP3 3.8 MB
128 kbps bitrate
4:11 minutes
Story behind the song
I've been 'getting into' Be Bop Deluxe again in a big way. I wanted to plug in and move some air. All the guitar parts apart from the bass (Rickenbacker 4003) are my old and much loved, Yamaha SA1000 semi-acoustic. At the time that I bought it I just couldn't afford a Gibson. Well, it sounds pretty good anyway. All processing was via my Line 6 Pod (2.0) direct to Adobe Audition (1.5)
There are some amusing 'borrowed' voice samples that you'll probably recognise !
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