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Dancin Thru the Jungle Revision 1
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An added revision to the song, more Vocals.
Jazz - Smooth Jazz
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Steve Mornini J.D. Stenzel
July 30, 2014
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Story behind the song
Added a few of J.D. Stenzels words and a few more vocals, still working on it, Getting there.
Dancin Thru The Jungle Have no clue how to live our dream, broken spirit of the human being, Biased bits on the evening news, We are the proud, the brave, and the few, the Virtue lies in working smart, This is why we fall apart. The paradigm of tyranny, takes all that you own, until were all just skin and bones. The ruling class will lose its sway and we'll begin another day Dancin Thru the Jungle with you, My love