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Dead Stripper in the Morning
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Country - Alternative Country
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J. Wrabek
July 29, 2014
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[4/4, mod. tempo but sleazy] DEAD STRIPPER IN THE MORNING --J. Wrabek 1. I used to get advice from the radio ‘Bout dealing with the problems in my life But lately, all the songs I hear Are about pickup trucks and drinking beer And hanging out with girls who wear Their clothes a little tight; Now, I’ve partied until dawn a lot of mornings Passed out on a hundred country roads But trucks and beer is prob’ly how I got the trouble I’m in now And there’s other things a fellow needs to know… CHORUS: What do you do with a dead stripper in the morning? How do you thank her for the night before? And tell her family and friends It really was an accident And at least she don’t be doing that any more? Should you tell the po-lice how you found the body? And that Tiger Lily prob’ly ain’t her name? Should you clean things up a little bit-- Maybe wipe away the fingerprints— And should you take back the money that you paid? 2. Should you send her remains to the Yukon? It’s cold there—she’d look good a real long time And if they got tired of her being there They could feed her to the polar bears I bet the other Canadians wouldn’t mind; Could she vote if I mailed her to Chicago? Could she be a movie extra in L.A.? The radio is silent here— They just talk their trucks and drinking beer And never about the one that got away… CHORUS BRIDGE: Those radio stars are the best of us Role models for the rest of us They waltz through life like nothing could go wrong; But if they keep drinking like that, they’ll be In difficulties just like me— How come it’s never mentioned in a song? CHORUS REPEAT LAST 3 LINES OF CHORUS TO END ©2014 J. Wrabek dba Outside Services Ltd. All the usual rights reserved just in case. No strippers were harmed in the writing of this song.