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Hellcat Librarian
A Montana-Ohio collaboration featuring none other than rap master Ryan Bunce.
Pop - Euro Pop
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jake monnin w/ ryan bunce
June 03, 2004
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Story behind the song
Uniting rap master Ryan "Bunz" Bunce with Jake Monnin to weave a tale of teenage luv in the non-fiction aisle.
Conservative dress, bun in her hair As for me, no none compare To that Hellcat Librarian She's doin things to me Pushes round her little cart Re-shelving gets me started Oh that Hellcat Librarian Doin thing to me *rap breakdown* Wellll, here's a little story I'd like to tell About an educated lady who knows books very well She know literature, she knows history She knows I'm only 15 and she's staring at me Watch her walkin down the isle Pushin that little cart I wrote my phone number on my library card Wearin those sensible shoes It's not fiction, no man it's true That Hellcat Librarian, she's doin things to me