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Six Rooms And A Path - Revised 2014
Country - Country Swing
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Alan D. David
(c) 2004, updated 2007
June 21, 2014
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Story behind the song
Just reminiscing about my early childhood on the farm.
Six Rooms And A Path © 2004, Alan D. David, BMI Revised 2007 Revised 2014 All Rights Reserved (v1) I reckon it’s gone but I really can’t say ‘Cause I’ve never been back since Mom passed away That old farm house, white paint faded gray Where I grew up and learned how to pray (v2) We didn’t have much but we owned it all Sixty-five acres if I recall Close by his side, I worked with my pa Plant every spring and harvest each fall (Chorus) No running water No electrical lights No air conditioning On those hot summer nights A galvanized tub Served as our bath I’ll always remember Six rooms and a path (v3) In a plaid cotton shirt and old denim pants Pa worked till his muscles knotted in cramps We all had our chores, even Granny and Gramps I cleaned the shades on the kerosene lamps (v4) We’d sit on the porch at the end of the day And watched as the sun slowly faded away Then came the crickets as night found its way Chirping in the corn, the fescue and hay Repeat Chorus (v5) A pot-bellied stove kept all of us warm With Rover on guard we were safe from all harm Out on the fence not far from the barn That Rhode Island Red was our morning alarm (v6) That ole wood burner, man it was neat Stood in the kitchen on four iron feet Cooked all our green beans, potatoes and meat Baked Mama’s biscuits, made hot cream of wheat (Bridge) Confused by the outhouse, with three holes on the shelf There are a few things I’d rather do by all by myself Repeat Chorus (Tag) Yeah, I’ll always remember Six rooms and a path
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