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It's Easter Island all over again but this time it affects everyone - everywhere...
Acoustic - Acoustic Rock
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Andrew LeFevre
June 10, 2014
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Story behind the song
Nature spent 100's of millions of years producing a stable climate for life by putting carbon dioxide in the ground in a form where it can't do any harm. Then, we come along and spend just a few decades liberating it back into the atmosphere and STILL vested interests and doubters bury their heads in the sand and deny anything could be amiss. Well, nature cannot be denied and the question may already be - is it too late to do something about it? Tough times ahead for our kids...
Raindance © 2010 Andrew LeFevre (Dance, dance, dance, dance) In the hills, drums are beating echo round, empty Alice town In the sky, smoking pillars hopes are rising up and falling down Wondering which way to look from a silent dried out brook On the ground feet are stamping dust is rising to the beating sound Raindance, Raindance, Raindance, Raindance (Dance, dance, dance, dance) In the streets, signs are calling beckon you the keeper of the days What’s their meaning, what’s your feeling driving ‘long diff’rnt freeways Storm clouds gath’rin in the hills raindrops bounce on window sills Something’s falling someone’s calling something’s going wrong in Brazil Raindance, Raindance, Raindance, Raindance Amazon, oh Amazon – your heart is starting to bleed Amazon, oh Amazon – vampires are starting to feed Amazon, oh Amazon – vampires are starting to feed On greed On greed On greed (Dance, dance, dance, dance) In a trance, apprehension concrete rivers masquerade See it in the eyes of children innocent and so unafraid We’re butterflies tossed like leaves in a growing ocean breeze Will we land, will we drown should we try and turn around and leave? Raindance, Raindance, Raindance, Raindance (Dance, dance, dance, dance)
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