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In the Morning (Original)
Composed 5/26/2014 and played on a good buddy's Guild DV72 tuned to G#
Acoustic - Acoustic Folk
Previous peak charts position #28
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #2
Ken Smith (TexScratch)
5/26/2014 All Rights Reserved
May 26, 2014
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Story behind the song
A friend recently experienced a life-changing relocation. For Charlie...
'In the Morning' © Ken Smith 5/26/2014 Eastern winter fills the rear view mirror; as I cross the Olentangy County line Heading west I find my head is clearer; at least I think it is this time Ain't it funny how life changes; the things I do it rearranges A simpler life; with fewer things to own Crossing Indiana plains; windshield wipers fighting rain Tomorrow just a day ahead and storming; Gives warning I'll see you in the morning I best remember sunny mornings; clear blue skies and dawn's bright early light Life was then uncomplicated; Never had a future seemed so bright Ain't it funny how I'm changing; the things I do I'm rearranging Once a battered granite rock; but now a rolling stone Nebraska fields no end in sight; stars replacing clouds tonight Tomorrow just a day ahead and forming; a life transforming I'll see you in the morning I've heard it said there's gold in California; & sunsets there are quite the sight to see Surfside hills and redwood forests waiting; to greet another wanderer like me Ain't it funny how life changes; the things I do it rearranges My simpler life with fewer; things to own Suitcase and a Guild guitar; are two best friends in a run down car A one way conversation forming; Life is warming We'll be there in the morning
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