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The Actor
Lyrics / Organ / Synth - Pete Rand Music / Guitars / Bass / Vocals / Mix - Les Cotton
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Pop - Pop Rock
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Pete Rand / Les Cotton
May 23, 2014
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3:18 minutes
The actor reads from autocue The words come hollow and untrue The crowd are one and all subdued Well fed on media reviews The actor savours every line He spits out hatred by design The crowd responding yet resigned The bit part players never shine Performing birds in a gilded cage The actor manufactures rage Another day, another stage The actor gives another twist His knife has hardly ever missed Your name is on a waiting list And then one day you don't exist The actor like a bird of prey detects the scent of your decay The curtain call has come your way This is the last line of your play The crowd file out one by one The actor plays with a smoking gun One more phoney war begun
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