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Unstoppable Love
Hot dance tune. Short length version.
Electronic - Dance
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Anna C. Nova
2014 Anna C. Nova
May 20, 2014
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UNSTOPPABLE LOVE Written and composed by Anna C. Nova There was a time I knew I will be here In your eyes I see the passionate flame Into hearts we had a dream Now I’m here! We’re up! We’re in! This is unstoppable love It’s getting out from the universe You take it away from me, give it back to me It’s how it meant to be We’re in unstoppable love We keep it deep in our burning hearts It’s flying up to the sky, will never die Just you and I We’re unstoppable We make unstoppable love Unbreakable love We make unstoppable love We’re unstoppable © 2014 by Anna C. Nova / ACN Music & Publishing
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