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Up on the Farm
Life is good in the country
Country - Bluegrass
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Charlie Williams aka Pine
May 01, 2014
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Story behind the song
I've lived in cities but not for long. I love my homestead!
Once upon a time i lived in the city..nights were wild and the girls were pretty...made alot of money in a damn short time..but never got used to waitin' in lines Ch: Up on the Farm, Up on the Farm, most of my friends live in the barn Do some thinkin', do a little drinkin', set on the porch and do alot a pickin' Instrumental break Well it took about an hour to drive across town..smile at a stranger and they look down..sports in a dome everybody's on the phone...nice place to visit, but i'm a goin' home Chorus Bridge: Got a few chickens lay big brown eggs..newborn goats on wobbly legs...cats in the barn, sleepin' in the hay..life is good when ya livin' this way Instrumental break Bridge Well livin' in the country it works for me...do what ya want and be who ya be..The die is cast and the seeds been sown..Life is Good when ya grow yer own... Chorus x2
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