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Country - Americana
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Russell Hosley
Russell Hosley 2014
April 26, 2014
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4:07 minutes
Story behind the song
This one started with Jane plucking the violin one afternoon - the rest fell into place after we jammed on it for a little while.
There's a mountain on the side of the moon I've been contemplatin' movin' there soon. Figure if I gotta be alone then I might as well have a good view. There's a street somewhere I hear it's made of gold We'll be walking on it there someday I'm told I know it's quite a story but deep inside I'm sure that it is true. I'm an artist but I keep it deep inside. Sometimes I color outside the lines and I paint a pretty picture of a girl and she looks like you Got a letter in the mail today said send me fifty dollars and I'll pray and all your indiscretions and your little bitty sins will fade away. there was a tower and they built it to the sky and God he looked down with a sigh said I guess you're never really gonna get it and he changed the way we speak there's a woman drawing water at a well comes a man he had a story there to tell he said I see that you are thirsty if you listen you won't have to drink again He's an artist but he keeps deep inside. Sometimes he colors outside the lines and he paints some pretty pictures of the girls and they look like you sent a letter in the mail today said you don't have to listen what they say cause I'm always gonna love you and I'm always gonna make your day.
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