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It Takes Two
It's a revelatory philosophical analysis, a critique of preachers of doom, and a statement about the union of polar opposites, because when our "eye is single" we can see the divine reality.
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J.J. Jeffers
Jeffers and TTAP
May 05, 2014
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Story behind the song
I wrote the original version of this song in 1978 while in the desert meditating. I revised it slightly in December 2008 before I started the recording process. And now, even though I hate the forces of greed and self-interest passionately, I still know, deep in my heart, that we are, in fact, One Family of Humanity. And when our "eye is single" we will truly live.
IT TAKES TWO Once upon a time, I really wanted to say, Hey, listen my friends, I have found The Way. But then I came to find out, ultimately, Each and every one of us, we all have our own key. I was never in a place I was not meant to be, There are two sides to life, I just had to see. But if you don’t believe me, just look at your past. If there were one without sin, the first stone could be cast. It can take alternating currents to make electric light, And when the sine wave flows, there is no fight. But the two strong forces in this universe, Are in opposition when the poles are in reverse. And for the wisdom colored gray we mix black and white, And there are shades of gray between wrong and right. And no matter what we do we’ll never please them all, So I try to harm no one at all, and try not to fall. * Chorus: Yes, it takes two to make a union, Like the yin and yang, and the man and woman. There is no positive without the negative, But, when our eye is single we can truly live. I think good and evil are created in our own mind, We make our own choices, I think you will find. But if we follow our heart, and cast away our doubt, All in good time we can find out what it’s all about. But some people fear a devil, say you’d better beware. They say at every turn that devil’s left a snare. But I don’t listen to the ones who bend our ear, ‘cause the biggest snares are bigotry and hate, greed and fear. I think evil’s biggest playground is our ignorance, And the Tree of Life is our best defense. Of course we all know the world is loaded with sin. But we reap what we’ve sown, and that’s the mess we’re in. But it will be alright when we plainly see. The future will get brighter as we learn to be. So close your ears to the preachers of doom, There’s a new day comin’, and we’ll all see it soon. (* Chorus Repeated) Copyright © 2009 -2015 J..J. Jeffers and TTAP (Revised slightly from the original written in 1978.) Written and recorded by Jeffers