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I Feel Alive Again
Feat. Ray Barnette
World - Traditional Asian
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Elpidio Biliran, Jr. - TQ Solis, Jr.
April 13, 2014
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Words by Elpidio Biliran, Jr. Music by TQ Solis, Jr. Performed by Ray Barnette Arranged by Gerry Peters Midi Magic Studio, Nashville, TN Mastered by Roy Tutor Tagbilaran City 1 I hear the birds, the song they sing See the sunlight gleams across my dream; The trees and fields sparkle in silver green, The morning dew did drain, Its sweetness spent. 2 I see your face, the smile it brings As your eyes betray the warmth within; All the tenderness and warm caress In viting me to possess life to live. Refrain: The soundless noise of my mind Swept by peace caress, When I'm alone you come To calm down my fear, When I am worn you give me strength And make me face the pain; Who can ask for more with you just beside me. 3 You understand when others can't And the words you say dry tears away O you love me so and this I know I cherish time that we share 'til now. (Repeat Refrain) Copyright © 1981, 1996 Paring Bol-anon Music | QT del Sol Music Adm. by Fro's Music. All rights reserved
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