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All The Same
2014 Toby Brock. beat by defMute: https://soundcloud.com/d3fmut3
HipHop - Alternative Hip Hop
Previous peak charts position #470
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #35
Words: Toby Brock Music: defMute
March 28, 2014
MP3 2.9 MB
160 kbps bitrate
2:30 minutes
Story behind the song
defMut and I met online and made this song.
All the Same: Got what I got now lockdown's state o mind wait and find life slipped away today’s the day to seize please believe while I breathe it’s the bees knees on the breeze shootin see shoes in for improvin groovin moves loose in smooth booms soon to be out the cocoon butter fly as a UFO when you let go learn the ways of the gecko blendin in like chameleons sealin in the flavor served like waiters from creators seen majors turned minor in plagal cadences able maintenance manufactured with ancient gifts written in texts enlisted to be absorbed brain shifted give it more give it more greedy please please me with the speedy deliveries con contemplation long awaiting paradigm gear switch where the minds at? appearance? Not what it seems to all the same in what we dream through peek-a-boo peek-a-boo be true or be seen through speak to me I speak to you if you think I’m being mean I didn’t mean to oooo oo-oo-oo ah-ah do what you gotta to be you I be me I be who be change me you don’t need to we’re all the same in what we breathe through ooooo dee do do da da be who you gotta to be true I be who I be change me you don’t need to we’re all the same in what we bleed through equal I quell a wishin well well within positions past seldom visions last developed to envelop class manufacture matt-o-fact pure chatter to back fat slaps with captured taps collapsed on time like back when I was 9 in my mind when pops taught the toe tap naw tob kick back you gotta feel that and like that I was on a tribe tack packed a sack with no eyes back knowin there’s no act when the inside maps lie flat cap on on the zodiac exact math counted at every turn plenty learned lessons eventually I will earn my keep with any opportunity presented until then I don’t sleep see - it - through see - it - through be who you be I be true truthfully to me how I mean to ooooo ee - ee - ee eh -eh be - be who you may may I be me you be you I be to stay change me you don’t need to we’re all the same in what we dream through