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Country Rose (feat Darin Rose)
Thank you Vonee Rose and Darin Rose for your contributions to this song! Vonees lyrics and Darins vocals and arrangement have brought new life to this Country song of mine!
Country - Country General
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Lyrics Vonee Rose, Vocals Darin Rose, Music Peo
(c) 2014 Master Peo, Vonee Rose, Darin Rose
March 24, 2014
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2:50 minutes
Country Rose Music Master Peo, Lyrics Vonee Rose, Vocals and arrangement Darin Rose (revised version) Her smile reminds me of an early morning rain when everything is brand new. Her voice reminds me of a melody I heard long ago, Verse 1 I can see her from my window up above putting rosebuds in her golden hair. I can hear her singing sweetly, her voice fills the air (Chours) I am spellbound as she sings the birds are silent cause they know No one can sing as beautiful as my Darlin Country Rose... (Verse 2) Her voice causes the roses to unfold and the lilies in the field to bloom There's has never been a girl in the whole wide world like My darlin Country Rose (Break)Inst Repeat verse 2 and end
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