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Wolfy Knox feat. Lyris - RIP Society
HOT! don't sleep on this..!
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HipHop - New School
Previous peak charts position #91
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Wolfy Knox, Lyriscologist
March 13, 2014
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3:32 minutes
RIP to Society.. It's a Sign to Me, that we live to die until we Dismiss Propriety// Fight with Me and, we will make a Stand Tonight, Back the Fight and we can take Back our Rights..// why cant we just live our lives the way we be, be, be, be, be , be why cant I just live my life trouble free, free, free, free, free, free, free, free, Toss out the Peace.. Law is the Deep Control, Constantly See how their Wrong in the Streets they Roll// Bodying Peeps.. or Toss us in Seize-an-Hold, Politics Reek! the whole Office is Evil Though// Consciously Be.. on Top what they Feed you Whole, Promised our Freedom and got Talked into Deeper Holes// Chalked up to Beef that Obama Proceeds to Grow.. Hop off the Dream! they Locked in the Sleeper Hold!//
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