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Bernd Harmsen / Holger Metzler
March 03, 2014
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4:04 minutes
Story behind the song
... a ballad, actually
Mother, Mother, don't remind me of the hardship of that run-down place that we called home a beat-up mother, and her children crying a life with no hope and nights alone I know that you know that I feel I've done right a desperate dream of a life worth living with no threats, no bruises no cuts, no fear with help, and comfort, and forgiving and no boozer me must call 'Dad' I know that you know that I feel I've done right every day crying myself to sleep - there had to be a way out Mother, Mother, do believe me where's no judge there is no crime just some useless man's life wasted where no-one would give a Dime you know that I know that you feel I've done right a life to gain - freedom doesn't come cheap - sure there was a way out