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Sex Drugs And Rock N Roll
Nuff said
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February 10, 2014
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I love when that music play I'm back on my sh** today Follow me down to a place Where you can taste all the melodies You know that I love the way you sound You keep my head in the clouds and lift my feet off the ground Don't try to play hard to get I know where you can be found And once I start loosing interest Then you come around And who am I to resist I'd just be kidding myself To cut you off totally I'd just be killing myself I told you never again You know you know me too well If what we're doing ain't right I guess I'm going to hell Telecaster I don't play the music the music plays me Swimming on your symphony There's a place that I go Come on let me show you It helps you crush the curve balls that life likes to throw you You're always there when I need your help So many choices Yeah you do it like no one else Whether the lows or the highs You always know how I felt And kept it real all the while Keeping me true to myself I got a soft spot for ya No one could do it like ya We're hanging late tonight Queen of the all nighter Your my pathfinder With rough roads ahead Situations getting sh** ty I don't wanna loose my head When I start to loose my grip Yeah you talk me off the ledge Call it poetry in motion How could I ever resist You no you got a hold on me You take away my lonely feelings Got me feeling like nobody could control me Screaming in my corner Get up off the canvass Touching up the track While I'm brushing up the canvass
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