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Rock - Instrumental Rock
Previous peak charts position #581
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #81
Peter L Jones
2004 Peter L Jones
May 28, 2004
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Story behind the song

Song3 Excerpt is the original seed idea. I've decided I've taken this as far as I can for now. I couldn't work out where it was going shrug. It might get revisited later. As you can hear, it didn't really develop much from that. The tempo boost from 90bpm to 120bpm was the best improvement... It doesn't appear to have earned a name...

We have:

  • NS_Kit7 on drums through sfz+
  • Cyclic's FingerPluck multisampled guiter from Computer Music, with my sfz format mapping, through sfz
  • Greenoak's Crystal synth's Ferns Above Us patch

The drums and lead guitar are mangled by

  • A Muzys stereo delay
  • SimulAnalog's Univibe
  • SimulAnalog's JCM900

Crystal is mildly enhanced with

  • Computer Music's PSP Springverb
  • Kjaerhus Audio's Classic Flanger

The entire mix then gets flattened a lot with

  • Kjaerhus Audio's Classic Compressor
  • Kjaerhus Audio's Classic Master Limitter

The MP3 was created in Audacity.

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