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OSMOSIS & O.D.The Great -Barbarian Baboon Beatdown
A vicious instrumental attack, all in the current OSMOSIS "Ape-Funk" groove---now, with the added power of lyrics and vocals by O.D The Great. Yea, we have an APE for that!! The Single Version, ya'll.
Single - $1.00
Jazz - Acid Jazz
Previous peak charts position #27
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #2
Music: Lawrence Wise/Lyrics: Andre Kimbell
January 28, 2014
MP3 6.1 MB
160 kbps bitrate
5:21 minutes
Story behind the song
'Decided to "break my rules", and drop an instrumental as an OSMOSIS track'......was HOW it first went, but NOW, it's a Collab with O.D. The Great!! This year (2014), I'm on a musical "Planet Of The Apes" concept (with late-2013's "Dimension 7" as the vanguard). This jam is all heavy, with no forgiveness (and NO smoothness)--thus, the TITLE. "Barbarian-Baboons", indeed. N-Joy the Funk!!! -Lawrence Wise (a.k.a. OSMOSIS) Tuesday, January 28, 2014 (WOW!!! OSMOSIS & O.D. The Great!!! Yea, we got an APE for that!!) From the OSMOSIS Album, "DIMENSION 7" (SG-201567) (c)(p)2014 Starcase Recording Company, Ltd. (All Rights Reserved) Album available on iTunes, in June 2014.
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