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Tulsa Of A Mind Blues
Skid row now,. Why,? A woman left him. Why, His bad ways. Now, life is low.
Blues - Country Blues
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Tom McGuire
Thomas Hayden McGuire 1-J2Q73D]
January 28, 2014
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TULSA of a MIND BLUES Since Im of a mind to stay in love with youI will not fantasize bout Maliboo No need to daydream bout Beal Street in Memphisor Nashvilles 16th avenue. Ill just walk some restless ribbon in TulsaConstantly searching for you. Now Since youre of a mind to stay in T townI wont be goin anywhere else at all. I wont be playin no concert in AustinOr Radio City music Hall. Ill just sit right down here at 1st and ArcherWonderin why you didnt call. Now, Whyd you do me this way?Whyd you do me this way. You know that was,that was..--.smaaaal. You just up and left me one dayYou didnt have nothing to say. You didnt leave me no note, I didnt get no Dear John Letter You didnt even have the.coitiseey to call. So, Im gonna pour this hooch down till I fall down Cover up my blood-stained eyes and just lay here on the street and Baaawl. [Interlude] Now, Since Im of a mind to stay in Tulsa Ill just walk up and down lookin for any sign of you at all. It beats holdin a sign down by the highwayOr, rattling round inside these four walls. I thought I mighta seen you one timeBut I was just too far gone to even craawl!