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All You Want (final)-www.jensong.com.au
Thanks SO MUCH to AJ for amazing vox, Michael Spiby and Stew Long for producing, Stew and Jake Long for final mix and Caleb Miller, Michael Smith for engineering, and the fab UTAS Con Superband for beautiful instrumentation and friendship. xx
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Jeni Wallwork
Jeni Wallwork
January 06, 2014
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ALL YOU WANT Broken fingers that loved me Sadly caress the keys Into soulful chords That haunt me Your verse is all you know But you’ve played my heart out I wanted the darkest Part of you But the chorus is too dark and I can’t Be all you want Be all you want me to be I’m in danger Since I fell in your abyss But there’s a beautiful song Beneath that angry kiss If there’s pain and darkness Writing the score of your heart I’ll sing most anything ‘Til death do us part But the chorus is too dark and I can’t I run from the pain That’s your only way to show me your love You run from the love That’s my only way to show you my pain But the chorus is too dark and I can’t