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Katelyn Rae_mp3
A song about a very special little girl who I hold very dear to my heart.
Country - Christian Country
Previous peak charts position #155
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #25
Duane Rod
December 29, 2013
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3:24 minutes
Story behind the song
When we moved into our home, the neighbor boy across the street was about 5 years old. We have watched him grow into a man and were there when his mother and dad passed on. He is now a father to a wonderful little girl and boy and still lives across the street. We were never able to have children, so therefore, no grandchildren; but his children have become our grandchildren and a very, very sweet blessing from God.
KATELYN RAE If you’ve never seen an angel, I know where one is Just across the street is where she lives With pixie dust eyes and a smile bright as day God’s special blessing, Katelyn Rae The first time I looked into those little eyes I was won over, hooked and hog-tied My life changed forever after that day I had met an angel named Katelyn Rae When she calls me PaPa I beam with pride And hold her tiny hand as she walks by my side She’s my best friend, the bright spot in my day My piece of heaven, Katelyn Rae Chorus There’s nothing quite like the love of a child Sweet sugar kisses, bright sunny smiles I thank God in heaven each and every day For sending me an angel named Katelyn Rae If you ever doubt there’s a Maker above If you ever wonder about God’s love If you think that miracles aren’t for today Take a look at an angel named Katelyn Rae