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Mr. Christian
Musically multifaceted allusion to history's most famous mutineer. One of my better received early songs, now remastered.
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Album - $5.00
Rock - Progressive Rock
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F. J. Serafim
F. J. Serafim
June 30, 2017
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4:26 minutes
Story behind the song
From the album tribute to my favorite archetypal namesake, European emperor Frederick II (1194-1250), renaissance catalyst and early patron of the humanities and sciences who was vilified for his peaceful reclamation of Jerusalem and attempts at christian reform.
Oh yes when I was young and sure where I was bound The path I took was straight and clear and sound But where it led me to was a meaning misconstrued Led by people easy to see through Now, they're clear in what they claim but they're methods are a shame And the net result is something quite insane So I picked up with the ones good people long have shunned And donned the rags of history on the run And call me Mr. Christian 'cause mutiny is my story And I know there's no more glory, only shame Yes, call me Mr. Christian 'cause mutiny is my story And I pray my wretched life is not in vain There's little left I trust 'cause man worships the dust And as for me I can't control my lust And though most truth is dead let us now hang our heads And come what may for the good blood that's been shed And call me Mr. Christian...
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