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Living Without Tears
original lyrics by Verne Garrison Aka (Lake Fork Verne)
Country - Traditional Country
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by: Verne Garrison
November 26, 2014
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3:49 minutes
Story behind the song
I encourage everyone to visit Vernes soundclick page and experience the journey of this man's life experiences. Experiences that most of us will never encounter in this day of age. Verne is a encyclopedia of knowledge with a deep history we can learn upon. That been said, His words in this song "Living Without Tears" can also be heard with his original version like no else can.
Living Without Tears © by: Verne Garrison; March 1, 2007; Valley Park, Mo. Capo 1 Key of E….banjo: adgbd (E)They don’t listen to me (A) anymore My words just float on (E) by They stare past me for ever-(B) more I don’t count …I don’t know (E) why No, I don’t count (A) anymore It is obvious to (E) me Their minds are on other (B) things More important than (E) me There was a (A) time When they leaned on my every (E) word But now I (B) find I am seldom (E) heard Maybe that is the proper (A) way To ignore us when were up in (E) years No interest in what we (B) say Getting used to life without (E) tears (B) Getting used to life without (E) tears
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