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Outlaws, Heroes, and Friends
The title track to my latest CD dedicated to my great friends & music idols that have passed on in appreciation for all of their help and support of my music.
Single - $0.99
Album - $10.00
Country - Traditional Country
Previous peak charts position #72
Previous peak charts position in subgenre #10
J. K. Coltrain
2013 Colt Records
December 09, 2013
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128 kbps bitrate
3:03 minutes
Outlaws, Heroes & Friends ©2012 J. K. Coltrain 1.) I left my home for Nashville, guitar In hand and a breifcase full of dreams Set out to make my mark On the country music scene 2.) It wasn't long before I come to realize Just how hard that might be Seems on every corner, everywhere I looked There were two or three just like me 3.) So I played the bars and honkytonks Up and down Broadway, all the time thinkin Lord There's gotta be a better way Then I met a man named Ernest at The Midnite Jamboree And for reasons I may never know he took a likin' to me CHORUS I miss mu outlaws, heroes and friends They each wrote a chapter in a book that never ends I can hardly wait till I see them all again Those Outlaws, Heroes & friends 4.) So I took the stage with Waylon, George & Conway too I did a lot of things a country boy only dreamed he's do Now there's some folks sayin' they don't wanna here our music anymore, but that's okay we had our day that's for sure REPEAT CHORUS tag & outro
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